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Consumer Solutions

Our business concept has been designed by our collective industry experience. With vast experience in Motor Comprehensive Insurance, Value-Added Products, Information Technologies, and Finance we have embraced our relationships with our clients to deliver a service that we believe encompasses all stakeholder’s expectations.


With the ever-present reality of the possibility of fraud occurring in the industry, we have taken every possible solution to implement a verified Biometric solution approved with the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Approved by the Finance House
  • Integration with the Department of Home Affairs
  • Verification of RSA ID resulting in effective and efficient business practice
  • Results delivered back to the transaction


We have created a CRM module embedded into the system to ensure higher customer retention through the analysis of customer life-cycles and missed opportunities.

  • Data from historic transactions are channeled through the “Lead Sweeper” for further assessment on opportunities missed at point of sale, and predictive selling on needs recognized.
  • Campaign functionality provided to fulfill all missed opportunities

DIGI-SIGN - Electronic signing platform

We have created our own Digital Signature solution for all major finance house contracts and product providers policy documentation

  • Secure Digital signature available for all documents.
  • A Client can view and accept all documents including the Finance Contract on-line.
  • An OTP (One-time-Pin) will be sent to the client via sms and email with the secure login details.
  • Second OTP will be sent to the client when he/she accepts the documents online.
  • Documents can be obtained from the website
  • Documents will be automatically sent